ARE YOU TRENDY? What’s in, what’s out……..

ARE YOU TRENDY? What’s in, what’s out……..

Trends. They come and go. Then they come and go again, sometimes ya never know what’s in…or out…..or if you even care. I know what’s out. Anything I buy. Yep, I take such a long time to jump on  a trend train, it’s usually either dead or dying by the time I decide I like it. Which is why I don’t pay too much attention to the “in” thing. I fill my home with things that please me, that make my heart smile. So my home is always “in.” Or at least that’s the story I tell myself.

But let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends going right now and some that have cooled off.


Planked walls or real shiplap. Still hot

Planked walls and if you are lucky, real shiplap. Planked walls show no sign of cooling off.  Beadboard and Board and Batten are timeless and aren’t  too far behind.

Interior doors painted in dark colors. (Think black, dark browns or grays).  This is a great trend if you have kids, or live with Pig Pen. Mr B I’m lookin at you. Those dark doors hide a lot of finger marks. Just sayin.

Painting interior doors dark gives a room some oomph and hides fingermarks! Win, Win!

Buffalo check is hot, hot, hot! Any color. Tiny checks? Not so much, those are yesterday’s country. Today is about the big checks. Draperies, upholstered furniture,  pillows, it’s showing up everywhere.


Wood look tile is still going strong along with every imaginable material that can mimic wood.


A personal favorite of mine is the return of brass. Not your Mom’s shiny, lacquered brass, the new version looks like old, somewhat tarnished brass. It’s warm and adds lovely patina to any room. Mix metals in your rooms, it’s OK to do this! Really, I wouldn’t lie to you.

I’m totally loving the new look of brass!

Polished chrome for faucets is starting to rise on the trendy list, while polished nickle is just beginning to lose favor. Oil rubbed bronze is holding steady, but I think that in the near future brass will overtake it in popularity. I could be wrong, but I’m seeing a lot more brass now.

Wallpaper has been trending for a couple of years now but has hit a new high in popularity. Try the newest generation of peel and stick.

Dark colors for walls, the accent wall is baaack. Charcoal gray, dark luscious browns, even black on walls for a moody feel.

Two trends in one photo, dark walls and a map as art. Gotta admit, I really like this room!

Mid Century Modern and Boho are two of the hottest styles, and Modern Farmhouse is still holding its own. Those three styles own the highest rankings on Pinterest.

Mid Century Modern is simple and clean, perfect for today’s busy lifestyles


Boho is riding high on the popularity list

Painted furniture. Need I say more?? OK, I will….Painted furniture hasn’t enjoyed this much popularity in decades.

STILL ALIVE: Faux fur. Fur pillows, throws and faux fur rugs are still showing up in almost every style, thanks to the whole Hygge movement. I still can’t get into the fur thing. Except at Christmas. I use a couple of furry throws then. I live in Florida, I’m pushing the envelope with a flocked Christmas tree and greenery. Fur just seems silly to me when it’s 93 degrees with a heat index of 105. But then again, my northern friends make horrible fun of me when I post my holiday photos of my flocked tree with palm trees in the background. So guess a little fur is fine.

Signs are still going strong. And single book pages or Bible quotes enlarged and printed on canvas or paper and mounted to wood, then framed.

On the upswing: Botanicals, along with vintage bird and rabbit prints are showing up in more and more homes. Almost any vintage animal is hitting the hot spot again. Hung in a grid, these offer a modern take on the declining gallery walls.

Maps. Maps are everywhere still. As wallpaper, as decor, framed, unframed. They’re even cooler when they’re vintage. Ditto for blueprints.


COOLING OFF: Feathers, gallery walls, galvanized metal and dollar store cow pictures (not that there is anything wrong with using any of these. I’m just reporting the trends, don’t shoot me, or send hate mail…..mmmmkay?)


Arrows, ampersands and the @ symbol. Matching collections of furniture. “No matchy, matchy” has been my mantra since the late 80’s.  It’s OK if you buy a room full of furniture from Rooms To Go…. if that’s your jam, but add some personal art and accessories.

Document fabric and the Eiffle Tower decoupaged on anything. Dead and buried, thankfully.

Just say no

Soooo, what do you think? Is your home a hodge podge of trends that are hot, warm, or as cold as yesterday’s fried chicken……or… your home warm and inviting, filled with classic finishes and unique and personal things that speak to your heart? Don’t try to follow every trend, they are called trends for a reason. Very few make the cut to become timeless. Fill your home with things that make you smile, things that allow you and your loved ones to find comfort, security and peace from the increasingly noisy, negative world. And OK, throw something trendy and fun in the mix to liven things up. Just don’t jump on every trend train that rumbles by. It’s expensive, you’ll never be satisfied,  and your home won’t look like YOU.

Create the home you see in your heart. Let’s make that a trend!

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  • Iona ann says:

    Yet one more thing in common. I seem to catch on to new styles at the tail end of their popularity! I just hope I can get my map (bought 6 months ago) back up before I grow tired of that look. I’m usually good on a new style for 15 years so I’m hoping I’ll be content so I can move on to other things!

    • Crystal says:

      Hey woman, It’s a struggle to stay trendy! LOL Which is why I don’t. I remember in the 90’s when “They” said shabby chic was dead. Look at it today, not only alive and well, but thriving. Farmhouse is just another way to say neutral country. I’ve been country for decades…since the 70’s. I’ve grown and fine tuned my country style to the look it is today, unfussy and uncluttered and I banned cutesy. But it’ still country. I know you’ve honed your style to the the beautiful look it is today. Accessories may change but at its heart, it’s still that look we love. So we will reign in our farmhouse glory for another 100 years!

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