Hello, 2018! What do you have planned for me???

Huh. The better question is: What do I have planned for 2018? My 2018 word of the year is, “INTENTIONAL.” 

Adjective, meaning: done on purpose, deliberate, calculated, conscious, intended, planned. Meant, studied, knowing, willful, purposeful.

How does this word relate to My Suburban Sanctuary? I want to live my life with intention. I want to make studied and calculated decisions about what I bring into my home and into my life. I have cut back on my “big box” decor shopping over the years, especially anything made cheaply from China. Not that everything made in China is cheaply made, but you only have to look at the decor being offered at Michaels, Joannes, and Hobby Lobby to know what I am talking about. I intend to continue supporting small, local businesses, whenever possible, buy authentic vintage items and antiques for my home and then  use them in intentional ways.

I’ll be purposeful in my purchases and not fill up the car with a bunch of impulsive buys, just because we pass an antique store.

I intend to choose healthier foods and intentionally support my body. I intend to lose weight in a thoughtful manner. I intend to improve myself and by doing so, I will improve the life of those around me as well.

I intend to be kinder. More forgiving. Withhold my opinions until they are asked for, unless it’s a situation that involves someone’s safety or well being, then I reserve the right to “opinionate’!  Yes, I just made up a word. A pretty cool word too.

Intentional is a strong word. It implies knowing what you want to do before you actually do it. That might be tough for me, because I’ve always ascribed to the  flying by the seat of my pants way of life, making snap decisions, acting on impulse, having only a vague plan……it’s recently left me feeling a bit discombobulated. Adrift, and re-doing things I hadn’t planned well. Purchasing things that didn’t really fit my vision because my vision kept changing, it wasn’t carefully planned! It was more like….”ooh, that’s cool….I want that!” Hence our Goodwill box filled up more than once and Mr B was making almost weekly trips to donate things I no longer liked or wanted or could figure out how to use. I saw dollar signs flying out. It wasn’t a good feeling.

Intentional is a good word for me.

I will also be very careful about who I let in my life, I have systematically divorced “friends” over the years who were negative or mean spirited. I developed that “skill” many years ago after experiencing a major hurt from a friend. A friend I trusted. From then on I became distrustful and had a “don’t suffer fools gladly” attitude. I no longer want to be as distrustful, but I do want to be careful. I want to be intentional about people and how they impact my life… a few I will have to let go, but there are more than a few who have brought passion, joy and light to me, and those are the people I will take along with me this year. 2018, just wait to learn what I have in store for YOU!

What word is yours for 2018? What changes will you make this year? Email me and let me know! MySuburbanSanctuary@Gmail.com

Be intentional in creating your sanctuary. Love the home you’re in now, not the one you may never have.

  • christiann erkel says:

    How about a word a day for 2018! I couldn’t narrow it down to just one! So I may need to borrow your word “intentional’..I, like millions of others will make an honest effort to get healthy and give myself more than 18hrs , so I “intend” not to delve into the candy I got for Christmas.. And I want to eliminate a word this year.. “Try” is not a nice word.. I will try to loose weight, I will try to get more active, I will try to be kinder to a certain someone who has been nothing but the best sister anyone could ask for,, That’s another story.AND i INTEND to keep up with your blogs!! (Not TRY!)

    • Crystal says:

      Hey Christiann!! I know! I had a hard time choosing just one word, I’d love to do a word a day, but that would require being organized. LOLLLL I once heard this: If you are trying you are lying. Either do it or don’t. It’s hard to live by though. And yay! thanks for catching up! I intend to entertain you this year. hahaha

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