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img_5494Wife, Mother, Grandmother.

I love, in no particular order, junking and decorating, taking pictures, reading, listening to music, watching sports and movies, and hunting for my ancestors (as in genealogy, I don’t actually HUNT them. I mean, how creepy would that be)?? Β  I have a particular affinity for animals and the natural world around us. (except spiders. Not a fan, don’t care much for centipedes either). Also not a fan of clowns….or dolls. They creep me out. (No offense to doll collectors, it’s a childhood trauma thing).

My favorite word is, “Patina.” My husband’s least favorite word is, “Patina.”Β  I may, or may not have a slight addiction to Barqs rootbeer. And Hersheys chocolate. Because how can you get through a day without one, or both of these??

I love and also heart! things rusty and crusty, chippy and peeling and antique and vintage “stuff.” The word, “relic” gives me the flutters. I am an admitted magazine hoarder, er…..collector. And I am frequently seen out and about in Keds. They sometimes have laces.

I have 3 children and 3 Grandchildren. One son lives with the angels, a daughter and son-in-law and the youngest Granddaughter currently live in Japan. My other son and daughter-in-law live in New Jersey. My two oldest Granddaughters, gifted to me by my late son, live in Ohio with their Mom (and still my DiL). I live with two furbabies and last, but certainly not least, “Mr B” my husband, who is quite possibly the best human being on the planet….even if he does hate the word, patina….. and doesn’t “get” chippy or crusty.




Wife, Mother and Grandmother, lover of junking and vintage stuff, photography, music, books, and critters. I heart Hersheys, Barqs Rootbeer and Keds. Join me as I create my own suburban sanctuary and help you create one too.

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