Hey y’all! Or all y’all if there are more peeps than my Granddaughter reading this. I haven’t posted for a while due to a lingering case of “the Januarys,” apparently this is a common ailment in the blogging community, who knew?? I just thought I was tired and didn’t have “the feels” for anything other than snuggling with Mr B and the puppies and watching endless hours of meaningless TV.

Turns out “the Januarys” is something that goes around after the holiday hoopla which leaves designers, decorators and bloggers without inspiration or energy. Hmmm….isn’t that the same as “I ain’t got no feels?” Where did the term “Feels” come from anyway? Oh, yes, that’s right, young people. They have a knack for simplifying terms and boiling them down to the essential. I actually like it. Why waste words describing how you feel about something if you can just say “Feels?” or “No Feels?” In this world of instant gratification, big words aren’t necessary, no one really cares if you find something astoundingly interesting, or if viewing a masterpiece leaves one with a racing pulse, breathless, or overcome by unnamed emotions…..does it give ya the feels? Or not? Communication by short words. Bleh.

winter decor staples, pine cones, deer antlers and a little greenery

As usual I got off track. I don’t even remember what this post is about. I must take a look at the title to be sure. So. Winter. Let’s talk about winter here in the sanctuary. It’s tough doing a post on winter when Florida winters are usually sunny and 75°. Except this year. This year we got winter!!! Yay. Or sort of Yay. Or even, “oh big deal” if you live in Alaska.  But it hasn’t been this cold in my part of Florida since 2010! My birdbaths were frozen solid. SOLID. The heat has been on in the sanctuary for a couple of weeks, and we’ve used the fireplace almost every night during that same time span. I love it.

Winter in Central Florida


A simple throw and pillow warms up the love seat and says “winter.”

Before you laugh at the 20° weather here, let me remind you that nine months out of the year it’s 90+ here with high humidity. We get used to the heat. Our bodies are acclimated to that heat. So when the temps drop 40 degrees overnight, it feels COLD here. Any where you live that experiences a rapid 40 degree drop in temperature is going to feel cold. So yes, we are cold. What does this have to do with decorating you might ask? Nothing.

A bit of winter in the kitchen
A jar of pine cones says winter and will stay til spring

Doing winter here is like dressing up for Halloween. Everyone knows who’s under that costume. Winter here is a bit like that. It’s still Florida underneath that throw.  I long for a change in seasons, so I  bring it inside, even when it’s 75 outside. It’s why I use fake snow for Christmas. If the calendar says December, the fake snow comes out and I’m bringing out my throws. The fake snow is gone now, but the throws? Oh yeah, they are still out.

The world’s tiniest living room dressed for winter

The dogs enjoy the throws  even if Mr B raises an eyebrow and continues to run around in shorts. I, on the other hand, insist on wearing jeans and boots and sweaters as soon as it hits 60.

I layered the chairs with throws (Geez, how many times can I use the word “throws” in this post?) and my new “winter pillows,” purchased from H&M Home. I used them at Christmas as well and bought them specifically so that I could transition from the holidays to winter without changing everything out. I’m happy that winter decor can last for a few months.  I shared my winter mantel in a recent post, but here’s a photo in case you missed it.

I never get tired of seeing Oscar’s big head


Dining table centerpiece

My winter decor staples are the a fore mentioned wool and knitted throws, pine cones, silver leaf deer antlers, succulents and a few left over sprigs of cedar and juniper. Easy. This year I left out my vintage brass deer as well. Deer always make me think of fall and winter. Ditto pine cones. I also crave a simpler look once Christmas is over.

The dining room table is simple, but has a lot of texture


Displays don’t have to be over the top to evoke a season

I’m not using any faux  fur even though it’s trendy right now. I enjoy looking at it in other homes but somehow seeing the pool from the windows and palm trees waving in the breeze don’t mix with fur in my mind. The argument could be made that neither do pine cones, wool throws and deer but I draw the line at fur. It’s a personal choice! I mean no disrespect to furry pillow lovers!  If I lived farther north, with snow and ice I would be doing fur. So decorate your home with whatever says winter to you, and what suits where you live.   Or your state of mind!

Create your sanctuary, no matter where you live or what season you’re in. Create the home you see in your heart.


  • christiann erkel says:

    This “peep” is reading this and as far as I know I am not your granddaughter!! (Then you would be really really really old!) Not caring for January one little bit, for more reasons than it just being a cold and dreary month here in the Burg! (However, today it was a balmy high 50 degrees in Pittsburgh!) Loving your winter decorations and all the comforts of your home!! Stay warm!

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