Winter Mantel

Winter Mantel

It’s winter. Even here in Florida where we’ve enjoyed a week of freezing temps. That’s COLD for my part of the world! I’ve seen the photos of snow piled high throughout the country and I know I’m lucky we didn’t have that. It’s beautiful to look at but I don’t want to drive in it or go to work while it’s sub-zero and blowing with hurricane force winds. My heart goes out to anyone who suffered through the blizzard conditions without benefit of a warm home.  I’m a wimp after all these years living in a sub tropical state. But it was cold for Tampa Bay and we actually turned the heat on, enjoyed the fireplace and drank hot cocoa loaded with marshmallows.  I did anyway, Mr B still enjoyed his nightly glass of wine, albeit by the fireplace.

I spent most of the time bundled up in sweats and actually got to wear jeans and boots and a comfy sweater for New Year’s Eve. Woot. Those boots hadn’t seen the light of day in a couple of years!

Hanging out on Instagram means I get to see some really pretty homes and follow the “grammers” who inspire me the most. Most are showing off winter decor, so today I thought I’d share my simple winter mantel. I’m all about the simple this year as I try to pare down collections and be intentional with my decor. Mr B….I hear your eyes rolling……I think you may need to lubricate them, what with the work out they’ve been getting lately. They sound all dry and rusty and make a weird clanking noise. Like a Vegas slot machine gone bad……without the benefit of bells and flashing lights.

 If you’ve followed me for a while y’all know I was born missing the simple gene but got a double dose of the collector’s gene. I do enjoy my stuff. Trying to teach myself to enjoy the whole “less is more” concept is like a trial by fire for me. Baby steps have been taken however!

Christmas was different this year as I struggled to get in the mood without a big tree. I never quite made it and the decorations started coming down the day after. I always enjoy decorating for winter though, so left out a few pine cones and cedar and my beloved reindeer. But my decor is a far cry from winters of the past.

Today it’s all about the mantel. A cotton boll branch, some cedar and a bleached pine cone are all I needed to give it a winter feel. It brings a hint of the season without the need to pack away my normal decor. I’ve grown to loathe moving things into temporary storage to go over board for seasons and most holidays. Even Christmas this year meant I only moved one lamp to make room for my little tree. Much easier, if not the holiday extravaganzas of the past. Elsewhere in the room are throws and pillows to add texture and candles to give that ambience that only real candle flames can bring.

Oscar’s photo, printed on canvas is still center stage, I have no plans to move it any time soon, but ya never know around here. I get the change bug frequently and vignettes sometimes only last a day. I also kept my vintage glass bottles out, I still like those.


And that’s it. A simple winter mantel that cost nothing. Use what you have to decorate for the seasons. You don’t have to go out and buy new decor every year. I spent zero on the mantel and love the way it looks.

Create your Sanctuary, no matter where you live. Use what you have in new ways to create the home you see in your heart.


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